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How will my project appear once it will be completed? How will it really interact with its environment? For these questions, common to all who are ready to start building or designing, we have the answer:Visual impact EvaluationWe offer you the ability to watch the future, and see how the environment will be altered once your project will be finished, letting you foresee objections or problems that may arise and supplying a solid tool to validate your ideas.

A choice of impact

Be able to pre-visualize a building in the location chosen for its erection offers several benefits. It allows to know before time if materials and colors that have been chosen mix with the location. Information that was before known but obscure and difficult to explain, turno out to be clear, such as the effect over the existing buildings of the new ones or the stylistic compatibility of the new idea with the area: the images that you will have in your hands will help you tremendously both in the designing phase and subsequent ones, up to building, presentation and selling.

Different realities

to create the visual impact images we model in three dimensions the elements of the project, we apply materials identical to the real ones and create a illumination system as we normally do for external 3d renderings. In this specific case the frames and the views are optimized to be aligned and lit similarly to an existing photograp of the project area: the rendered image obtained is then composited matching shadows and lights as to realistically match the real thing. In the end, the result has the highest degree of realism.

And telling where reality finishes, and the render begins is not easy.

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